BHW C.A.R.E.S. Treatment Philosophy

Multiple Disciplines  ·  One Treatment Philosophy: BHW Cares


BHW exercises compassion in our approach to treatment as we value individual needs and consider interventions that promote a better quality of life for our clients.


Each program is designed to have high levels of accountability. Treatment progress is data driven and transparent to all staff members and clients involved.


BHW is grounded in evidence-based practices. We explore all research-based methods when designing treatment interventions.


Our measure of effectiveness is to yield positive and sustainable long-lasting changes for each client.


We utilize the family unit as a dynamic system with members influencing one another to enhance the outcome of the client's prognosis.

Our Vision

Our BIG Thing - To Bring Light Into Dark Places in This World By Delivering Premium Care and Services.

Our Mission

Our DAILY Thing – To Restore Hope by Improving the Quality of Life for Families Facing Autism.

3 C's


We do our due diligence to be sure that every person that is invited to become a BHWer has a proven track record of being a truth-teller, relationship-builder and would credit the efforts of others when a victory is won.


We find the best fit for our BHW team by thoroughly evaluating how this individual would integrate with others, in and across teams, and also how they mesh with our culture.


We go through intensive search efforts to find the best person possible to fill each role and also evaluate how willing they are to being developed by their peers and managers so they can
maximize their competence.