Funding for Services Behavioral Health Works (BHW) helps individuals
with autism and other developmental disabilities
reach their potential by working collaboratively with
families, schools, and relevant professionals.


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Initially, the task of navigating copays, co-insurance, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums can be daunting. Our insurance specialists are here to walk you through each step. Accessing insurance is an important source of funding for your child’s treatment. BHW accepts most insurance plans, so please give us a call at 800-249-1266.


BHW partners with health plans that accept Medicaid to assist families or individuals in paying for medical care. From a diagnosis to referral, we help families get scheduled right away for services. With BHW, you never have to walk alone.

Tricare (Military Families)

Through Tricare's Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration, BHW joins hands with our military families affected by autism to provide ABA services that meet your unique behavioral health care needs. Our clinical team is conveniently located near major military bases so that your loved ones receives the care and treatment needed to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

Regional Center

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) distributes funds to 21 regional centers with more than 40 offices located throughout the State of California that serve individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Each regional center then utilizes services from vendored providers to deliver respective treatment needed for eligible consumers.

Private Pay

Private pay is generally a good option for families who do not qualify or are eligible for services through their regional center, school district, and/or insurance carrier. It is also available for families who feel more services are warranted or prefer to avoid the requirements imposed by funders. Flexible payment plans are available.

School District

BHW is a nonpublic agency (NPA) certified by the California Department of Education to contract with school districts to provide ABA, speech, and occupational therapy services.